Van Der Waal - r.Evoltuion Series

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r.Evoltuion Series

Van Der Waal : Surf grip. Simplified.

Don’t worry about water temperature. Don’t waste time to correct wax. Think of nothing else but where the best spot is.


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Van Der WallVan der Waal it’s a a clear non-skid alternative to wax, easy to instal and with almost no maintenance. It’s clear (white transparent) witch means that your board will always look like new, and doesn’t melt, so your board will never stain other surfaces it comes in contact with, such as your surfboard bag, your car or your clothes, and also doesn’t get sticky or dirty, so your board is always clean.

what’s new on r.Evolution Series

- completely free from plasticisers and phthalates
- high grip
- doesn't melt, get sticky or stain
- temperature independent
- easy to install and remove
- lightweight (3gr per hexagon)
- dimensions: 111.7 x 97.9 mm (4.3 inches x 3.8 inches)
- thickness:1 mm (0.039 inch)
- greener than surfwax (plasticiser and phthalate free)
- skin and wetsuit friendly

  • Weight Hexagon: 5gr
  • Properties Transparent Anti slip texture
  • Thickness 1 mm
  • Made in Portugal
  • Dimensions 111.7 x 97.9 mm
  • Reference Guide
    Please note that although we tried that measures and proportions are the most accurate possible, this guide should be seen as a reference for possible applications for each type of board.
  • How to apply?
    How to apply Van der Waal on your surfboard? Is as simple as 1, 2, 3…