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Pro Shape course by Abílio Pinto

Billy Surfboards

PRICE: € 690 (The course has a pre-registration / reservation fee of 70 € which will be deducted from the final price).

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70,00 € tax incl.

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In this course you will learn to shape a surfboard.
All surfboard shape phases will be made by you with the supervision and correction of the Master Shaper Abílio Pinto.

Course phases

• Knowledge and description of the materials needed to make a board;

• Talk about the type of board that we’ll going to shape: size, tails, curvatures (rocker), rails and concaves;

• Choice of the blank, application of the measures, outline creation, PU blank cutting;

• Shape with electric planer, preparing the rails, measure confirmation and shape finishing;

• Laminating with fiber glass and resin in 3 phases: one layer at the bottom and two layers on the top of the board;

• Placing Plugs and the leash cup;

• Finishing (which passes through three stages of grinding) so that the board be perfect (glassing).


Duration of the course

• 4 consecutive days or two weekends (6 hours per day).

Number of trainees

• Maximum 2 per course.


• Upon availability of the trainee(s), the dates will be defined and agreed between the Shaper Abílio Pinto and the trainee(s).


• Madeira Island or Porto City.


€ 690 (The course has a pre-registration / reservation fee of 70 € which will be deducted from the final price).

• If the trainee(s) wants to keep the board, it will have an additional cost of € 350 (The board will be customized to the trainee).


Included in the course:

• Transfer to the course site and, if possible, a surf session to relax (if there are good waves).

Not included in price:

• Travel and remaining meals: lunch - 6 € / dinner - 10 € (indicative prices).

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This course was validated by the Instituto Português de Desporto e Juventude awarding 10 Credit Units for the surf coaches continuing training.

Description of the Training Action:

Designation: Introdução e técnicas avançadas de design e construção de pranchas de surf (Introduction and advanced techniques of design and construction of surfboards)

Start date: 04/21/2017
Number of assigned credit units: 10
Location: Porto
Continuous Training (Coaches)
Training Component (s): General / Specific
Modality (s) and their respective degree (s):

Bodyboard: I / II / III / IV
Adapted Sport: I / II / III / IV
Surf: I / II / III / IV
Surfing: I / II / III / IV