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Anyone who uses a wetsuit is facing the same problem after enjoying a session: Where to hang the suit to dry? And it is currently not available place to let the garment dry in good condition. Trees, benches, walls and most of the cars have become the standard to support and dry the suit, at the risk of dirtying and damaging it, or damage to the vehicle body with salt water instead.

Godry Hanger solves all these problems.


  • Designed for use in all water sports requiring the use of wetsuit.
  • Designed for use in all types of vehicles: cars, vans and Rv´s.
  • Designed for use in the home . Hanging in the shower, Godry Hanger is the perfect place to rinse and dry the suit every day. No more puddles. Also for use in hotels.
  • Wetsuit protection: the garment is folded in half thus preventing the garment can be over extended or marked as happens when using conventional hangers. Hidding the garment from the sun extends the life of the suit, Godry Hanger let you dry your wetsuit in the shade.
  • Quick drying: the suit is suspended in the air, without contact with walls or vehicle body.
  • Easy transport: small footprint, it is removable and is lightweight for backpacking travelers.
  • No rust or dirty, or cause damage to hit the body, surfboards or other ...
  • Made in Spain
  • Dimensions Bar - 45 x 21 cm / Suction cup - 4.5 cm x 9 cm in diameter


The UNIVERSAL Wetsuit hanger

GODRY HANGER is the perfect accessory to hang and dry your neoprene suit in vehicles or at home. Essential in your travels. Suitable for all water sports that require the use of neoprene suit.