SurfTotal - Tshirt "no mosquito" kids

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  • Full mosquito protection (level: Strong ).
  • 100% cotton.
  • T-shirt kids / blue
  • SurfTotal "no mosquito" t-shirt show efficacy, approximately up to 60 washes.

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Mosquito bite causes problems ranging from local nuisance itching and irritation infection with serious diseases such as leishmaniasis, dengue, yellow fever or malaria.

Research conducted by NGWear in partnership with the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, New University of Lisbon and the Technological Centre for the Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal, resulted in the development of a solution to this problem: the collection "no mosquito" that provides effective protection against biting insects.

"No mosquito" t-shirts have three protection levels (to be used as circumstances): Soft, Medium, Strong.


Protection Levels

The technology used for Soft protection is the citronella micro encapsulation, a 100% natural substance extracted from Cymbopogonnardus plant. These micro capsules work continuously releasing a fresh and natural citrus aroma, safe for the whole family.

The Medium level of protection is also achieved through micro encapsulation of repellents active ingredients, used for decades with excellent results in products of dermal application.

For the Strong protection, the meshed finish is made with a permethrin derivative which is used in several topical medicine.


During normal use, microcapsules remain active, creating a long-term protection zone against insect bites. Heat and body movement provide additional protection.

"No mosquito" t-shirts are thus insect repellent, have a high washing resistance (approximately 60 washes) and are suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive as children.


Keep in the case when not in use;
Wash at 30°C;
Natural dry (do not use the dryer);
Ironing at low temperatures;
To additional protection, rub the t-shirt to promote the release of the active principle.

  • Compositions Cotton
  • Protection level Strong
  • Made in Portugal