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Our company

Surftotal Shop is part of :

Surftotal Multimedia company, with tax address at Rua doa Açores, nº62, 4470-024, Cidade da Maia, Porto, Portugal.
NIF :506941566

Our main goal is sell unique articles, produced in Portugal, with superior quality at a competitive price.

Another of our goals is that our product have minimal environmental impact. How?

  • Opting for products made in Portugal, they have excellent quality and we can minimize the impact that transport has on the environment by producing locally.
  • We always try that our products are produced with materials that are recyclable at the end of its life, our fins for instance, are 100% recyclable.
  • Other good example are our change mat / dry bag, that is made with reused advertising billboards, so we are giving a new life to a material that can not be recycled.

Our team

All our staff is connected to the sea and surf, these products are always developed  for  those who use them, the surfers.
We will make sales, give orders and customer support with great responsibility and professionalism.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us:


Telephone (weekdays 9am-6pm): +351 961428493