SurfTotal - Change mat ( dry bag )

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  • Ultra-resistant.
  • Perfect for changing in and out of wet gear, storing wetsuits, or other wet accessories.
  • 90 cm diameter.
  • Composition: Polyester sheath / Base in super sturdy canvas with anti-tear properties.
  • Handles for easy transport.
  • Multi-purpose bag included.

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24,50 € tax incl.

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SurfTotal Change mat is very durable, fully sealed and built with materials used in high wear and environment exposure items. The multi-purpose bag is perfect for busting wax, scraper, fin keys ...

Each change-mat is handmade by LEAF Outdoor®. The manual finish allows us to reach a differentiated and higher quality product.

About LEAF Outdoor®

LEAF Outdoor® LEAF Outdoor® is an accessories brand for nature sports.
Handmade products and with a more technical and capable concept design character, LEAF Outdoor® responds to the needs of those who dream with nature sports creating a unique and customized product.
Concerned wiht the environment, reuse is applied to all our products.

  • Compositions Polyester fabric / Super sturdy canvas with anti-tear properties.
  • Properties 90 cm diameter; Handles for easy transport.
  • Made in Portugal